Egbert Manning
by on April 2, 2021
If you ask me, maintaining a website is a very difficult and time consuming job that requires a lot of attention. Therefore, as a webmaster, you must understand how important it is to maintain its stability, otherwise sooner or later you will have problems like I did when I started my career. It is common practice to check the availability of your site over internet protocols, check its stability, check the content, and even check the server hardware.
And in order to do this properly, you need to have and use a lot of skills - you will need to configure and configure a wide range of tools and scripts to run simultaneously, even if they are independent of each other. But I advise you to get rid of all this and find a good universal set of tools that can handle everything I mentioned, and even more. This will increase your response to any possible threats to the stability of the site.
You can try to find yourself a good automated set of tools, but I would recommend that you register with the HostTracker automatic website monitoring service and try out its features. It allows you to do whatever the webmaster wants, and you can use it for free during the 30-day trial package available after registration. This is a kind of testing ground for beginners, the purpose of which is to help them understand all the services included and decide whether to subscribe to these services.
However, its capabilities are almost limitless, but it is not as difficult to master them as it is to master manual monitoring procedures. As a novice webmaster, I quickly went through all of its settings, but their support team, FAQ, and blog helped me a lot, even though I had already studied them. Also, you can start all the automated services as soon as possible with the basic configuration before playing around with the advanced settings.
In addition to everything I mentioned earlier, this online webmastering platform has an instant alert system that is absolutely essential for every webmaster. This feature can be integrated into every available test, and you will get alerts from HostTracker about any suspicious material in its reports. It will use any of the available messaging systems, from phone calls or SMS messages to Skype, Slack, and a host of other messengers.
And you can manually configure it and mark everything that should be considered dangerous for your site and that you should be notified about. It can even try to reboot your server hardware with an HTML POST request before sending you a message, as long as you have the appropriate administrator rights on the server.
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