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by on October 28, 2020
If you start asking random suppliers whenever they would like to be enacted upon in your home country, you'll probably get a lot of great interest, but only a few of the products might be a good fit amazon sourcing agent at So do things vice versa, first pick your target product, then contact suppliers of these specific product knowning that product only.
Trade shows are a great way to meet potential factories to represent, and you can also use Global Sources to get a listing of targets and start to approach them. Unfortunately, it can be hard to do research online for “factories wanting representation”, but when you have a listing of reputable companies via online search, you may develop a template letter to arrive at out to a gaggle of factories to gauge their desire for having your represent them. If you want to be able to become a sourcing agent for products in China, I recommend to sign up on the China Sourcing Academy.
Sourcing agents asks questions and gather as much information because they can, in addition they aren’t mind readers so if you really feel they didn’t question something important, make sure they know.
The bigger a photo they have on the way to handle any project, the quicker and simpler they’ll be capable of quote it and move it along. It will help reduce problems later on.
If you're feeling uncomfortable sharing product details for confidential reasons, get them to sign an NDA for much more peace of mind. They really should be happy to sign one, in case not, that’s a warning sign.
In Chinese business and industrial culture, relationships are very important. By physically visiting your prospective manufacturing partners, you’ll manage to demonstrate your need to build a strong and lasting relationship.Your commitment are going to be appreciated and may bring you benefits in lots of areas, including pricing and care about quality out of your chosen manufacturer.
Ask your Chinese sourcing agent to accompany your business representatives over a round of meetings with shortlisted manufacturers. This will make for much more productive meetings with fewer misunderstandings and again.
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