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by on November 11, 2020
In an era where unemployment has changed the overall perspective of society, there is a need for a quick solution that satisfies staffing requirements. Extra hourz app is a unique real-time staffing solution provider giving diverse opportunities and quicker credits. We provide a platform that guarantees easier staffing with a faster mechanism of posting, finding, and timely scheduling of a perfect job as per the business demands.
Extra hourz app is one of the most reliable platforms keeping up the authenticity with genuine and standardized methods and techniques. The basic standards followed are
Adaptable space
A job is provided to individuals based on daily shifts and long-term. Urgent requirements are also satisfied through our platform.
Quicker hiring procedure
Faster and easier staffing methods helping you to seek the right gig worker for the task.
Comprehensive Locators
Use Map view to make the process of hiring more transparent by notifying the apt candidate. This method helps to know the seeker’s availability faster.
Better connecting methods
Smarter and flexible communication gateways make the hiring procedure more ethical with in-app video/audio functions along with a chat facility. The hiring practices could be organized and scheduled using an in-app calendar.
Rapid payment techniques
Our platform ensures speedy and trustworthy payment methods. Employees get credited soon through the most genuine gateway.
Curated Work arena
Talented and open work environment through positive rating methods to create a group of skilled employees. Employees are given the right opportunity using rational rating and review tactics.
The urge for a transparent, consistent, and reliable job market platform is accomplished by Extra Hourz app. The best staffing solution providers ensure securing jobs with reliable payment methods. Extra Hourz is an app that facilitates effective staffing methods through the safest communication channels between job providers and seekers and helps in guiding in finding the right job and the right person. Narrow the bridge of unemployability by getting notified with the apt job as well as a job seeker. A user-friendly and engaging platform with the safest and secure options has helped us grow as the top staffing provider. The ultimate and unique staffing solution valuing the time and effort with a perfect job provider and seeker. A customer-specific job-seeking platform sorting jobs according to their convenience.
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