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by on December 11, 2020
<p>In addition to the materials used to make toys, the realistic size of dolls is another feature of our luxury dolls. Like humans, our real TPE sex dolls come in different sizes at . A complete silicone doll corresponds to the average height of a person. This real sex doll has sexual and asexual parts of the body. Even if you don't want to dance without pants, you can use this sexy doll to dress up and relax by the fireplace. They're like human companions, but they're not in the occasional chat, they just sit there and look beautiful. There are dozens of life size dolls that can satisfy customers' tastes. Complete foreign latex dolls vary in size from Petite Mini sex dolls to large, full-size, realistic love dolls at with an average size of two to five feet high. If you can't find the size you need, of course, you can always order a customized doll with all the features you need.</p>
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<p>Will cheap love dolls become a healthy holiday for people? I believe this applies to some doll owners, because I often see many real photos of adult love dolls on forums, and see that our good friends like his realistic silicone doll very much. Therefore, for many people, we can not only support and help in life, but also make their sexual life more balanced. We can also think of it as a daily health holiday for the soul. The fact that I can be the one I love makes me particularly proud of being around him because I don't know anyone else, so I should try my best every day.</p>
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<p>Every night, when I get home, I admire the soft but strong abs and the barrel of the chest chisel. I don't remember the last time my man wore a shirt. He's my partner. I don't know you, but you know that playing a role is one of my weaknesses. Since the end of adolescence, I've loved it so much that my predecessor had a problem not liking it.</p>
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<p><strong>Realistic love doll</strong></p>
<p>Then, the real silicone doll is heavy. Instead of doing many different things, you should limit yourself to a few places. Most importantly, whipping games and using words as powerful games is not a problem. Of course, don't over tighten the handcuffs and ribbons, but don't tighten them too much, as this can damage the silicone, especially the fingers. Restraints shall always be made of soft material. It is best not to use too large Velcro fasteners and plugs to avoid tearing at corners.</p>
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<p>The best way is to sell it to the manufacturer for proper recycling. You may not know this, but many companies pay a high price for recycling baby dolls. They wash, thaw, and then use silicone and TPE to rebuild it into new toys that others can use. Keep in mind that proper handling of sex dolls is essential to the health of all participants. When sold, make sure it is clean and highly disinfected to prevent unnecessary disease or infection.</p>
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<p>Dolls are designed to complement sex and help you experience the wildest fantasies. So why not try different sex dolls and have fun with your partner? First of all, I suggest that you order an inflatable doll with features you miss in love. Maybe it's big breasts, big butt, mature girl or cute innocent face? But one is never enough. Therefore, consider ordering sex dolls with many different functions and matching them with your partner. Do you like black people? Why not buy a sexy black doll? Oh, wait a minute. Do you want a dress rehearsal? Why not?</p>
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