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Magic: Legends Open Beta Begins On Epic Games Store March 23
The Magic: Legends open beta has been announced as an Epic Games Store launch on March 23, 2021, as revealed during the Epic Games Spring Showcase held earlier today. Magic: Legends is an action-RPG title that is set to borrow heavily from the universe and lore of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game while infusing it with more frenetic pacing and mechanics, and has shown early promise as a Diablo-style title that could be a 2021 sleeper.
Fans who are interested in the game already knew the Magic: Legends open beta was coming in March, as it was revealed during a gameplay trailer released earlier this year showcasing the deckbuilding elements of the game. One of the key concerns potential players have had has been centered around whether or not the Magic: The Gathering "feel" could be successfully translated into a genre that's so significantly different from tabletop trading card games, but that announce trailer helped assuage fears it would be a Magic game in just name alone.
During the Epic Games Spring Showcase, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced that Magic: Legends will launch its open beta through the Epic Games Store on March 23, 2021. The announcement also revealed that those who choose to play the game through Epic Games will be able to claim the Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack for free until April 6, 9am PT. The bundle unlocks a cosmetic, a summon skin, and 2 drop boosts, the latter of which increases reward drop rates for 30 minutes of play in either open world or instanced content within the game. The announcement was also accompanied by a new Magic: Legends trailer showcasing more gameplay.
The Magic: Legends servers on Epic Games Store will connect to the same used by PC players on Steam via Arc Games, so it sounds as though there won't be any separation among PC players even if they're accessing the game differently on the platform. Magic: Legends has already released a Planeswalker Bundle, too, which players who are particularly excited about the game can purchase for access to costume components for each Planeswalker class and other exclusive items.
Ultimately, the Magic: Legends open beta is exciting for fans regardless of where it's being hosted, but the announcement did little to quell unease about the game's aggressive monetization. While Magic: Legends is free-to-play, it does appear to be laden with cosmetic purchases, and the presence of drop boosts in the Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack, which is available free for a limited time, suggests it may not only be aesthetic items in the long-term. It's far too early to tell exactly how the game will play out and how much of it will be impacted by character skins and other offerings, but soon fans will have a better grasp of what the game actually plays like when the Magic: Legends open beta begins on March 23, 2021 on Epic Games Store.
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