Orlando Leles
by on August 5, 2016
Join astronomers and astrophysicists as they probe light years beyond the Milky Way, in Understanding The Universe, part of Discovery's popular television series. Narrated by actress Candice Bergen, This enriching and entertaining video employs graphic models and spectacular computer animation to illustrate some of the most complex theories of all time. Peer through the largest telescopes on Earth. Get a close-up look at our sun, nebulas and supernovas, capture by the Hubble Space Telescope. Listen via satellite to echoes of the Big Bang. See how "red Shift" among the stars suggests that our universe if much younger than previously thought. Visit the set of Star Trek: Voyager and ponder the questions, could black holes be "worm holes," or shortcuts to other worlds? Understanding the Universe boldly goes where no television show has gone before.
Produced by Ron Bowman and Dan Everett Narrated by Candice Bergen Edited by Art Binkowski Music by Michael Whalen 51 minutes, English audio, 1996
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